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Poppy Foods

 Poppy is almost 11 months now, and like every mom says - I can't believe it's almost been a year!! Since we are one of the first of our friends to have a baby, I love how they ask me the questions that sometimes people are a bit to "proud" to ask like.. "How the heck do you know what to feed a baby?" because these are the questions I would be googling on my phone late at night before she was born. It's funny all the things that you feel like you have to prepare for so much just come natural with a baby. As she gets older we slowly introduce new things and you just naturally figure out what they like, and what they're going to choke their brains out on. 

Poppys favourite food these days is Oatmeal. Which is so easy for me! I make some large flake oats, and mix in some pureed veggies and put it in the fridge. It hardens and then I can just break it into pieces she can pick up and eat herself. Thats our go to these days. She is also obsessed with Mandarin Oranges, loves tofu (Which I try only to give her every once and a while because of the soy) and hummus. 

She is slowly eating more of the foods that I eat, have bites of my mexican rice bowl or quinoa salad. Which really is nice when they can start just eating what you eat! 

What are your go to meals and snacks for your babe? I'm always looking for new inspiration.

My favourite baby food blog is here.  


Merry Christmas - Love the Menzels

Yay! We actually sent out Christmas cards this year! Every year I want to, and it just never seems to happen. But this year we used Postable, and seriously it was too easy. I just had to upload my photo, pick a design, and they mailed them off to everyone for me. This is the way to do it!

I got birth announcements printed, wrote notes on all of them, and most of them are still sitting on my desk... For me, if I don't just get it done while I'm in the moment of working on it it's never going to happen.  

Since people don't often send letters anymore, it can sometimes feel like a pain to gather everyones mailing address. But once you gather them Postable saves them all in your contact book, so you only have to do it once and you're good to go for the future. I am currently ordering Invitations for Poppy's first birthday party and it's so convinent now, all i have to do is select the names I want them mailed to. 

They ship in 3-5 days, so you still have time to get a card out before Christmas, get on it! 

^ Not sure what the vision here was... but obviously it didn't play out quite right. (Sids Face!!) After this attempt I put Sid back in the car... He was making this more difficult than it needed to be.

^ This girl and her tongue.. always! If only I had made it back in time before the timer ended I think this would have been the winner. 


Do you still send Christmas Cards or is it a dying tradition? 



Apartment Therapy House Tour

My dear friend Elissa Crowe recently became the Apartment Therapy contributor for the Vancouver area (so proud of her!!). We were honored to be her first contribution to the amazing blog! I have looked to Apartment Therapy for inspiration for many years, so it's pretty cool to finally see our home up there. 

I change our house so often that not one of these rooms is still the same now, as it was when she photographed it haha. But, I love have documention of our home through the many, many stages it goes through. See the full House Tour here. 

Man oh man, are there a lot of negative comments on our tour!! I had been warned this comes with Apartment Therapy readers. The comments that our home is dangerous and not baby proof - at the time when the photos were taken, Poppy was not even mobile yet, she was wrapped on my body or in her swing, of course the house changes as she does, and I would never let my baby be in a dangerous surrounding. Also, a lot of comments that this is staged and probably not what it actually looks like... Not really! I don't feel at all like our home is not "liveable" it's comfortable, cozy, and functional. But I just like things to look good, and be in their place. My favourite of all the comments is about how Poppy Darling (who they somehow assumed was a boy) will be made of in school.... Sometime people need to care a litttle bit less. 


Portland - Pt. 2

Christmas Shopping is one of our favourites things to do together, we talk about it all year long. Going downtown getting a peppermint hot chocolate and wandering in the cold, it feels so festive! Since we knew we were going to be in Portland before Christmas we left some shopping to do here and I'm so glad we did because there was every shop we could need downtown, and no sales tax.. holla! 

We did some shopping down Burnside, where we went to West Elm, Anthropologie, Madewell, John Fleuvog - where David drooled over every pair of shoes, and Buffalo Exchange. After that we headed over to Washington St. Where we wandered Nordstrom, Nike, H&M, Forever 21, and some little boutiques. 

Up next... food! I had a list of restaurants that I wanted to hit while we were in town. First stop we went to Sizzle Pie - a pizza place - which had a variety of great pizza's and beer. We went for dinner, and to be honest the atmosphere wasn't exactly the "night out" vibe we were hoping for. You bus your table, seat yourself, line up for your food. Which is all great, but if I knew when to expect ahead of time I would have made it our lunch stop. For Breakfast we went to Stumptown in our Hotel and had coffees and bagels, the salt bagel was amazing!! Lunch was Lardo - this one we loved!! David had the best sandwich of his life; pork meatballs, pickled vegetables, and siracha mayo, and I had a huge and yummy kale salad + parm fries. We would definitely go back here next time. Right around the corner from Lardo is Blue Star Donuts  one of the many amazing doughnut shops of Portland. They had lots of creative flavours - we got blueberry + basli, Pear + Pinenut, and Maple + Bacon. They were all to die for! Of course we also did a few rounds of Voodoo Doughtnuts aswell, I have dreams about that froot loops doughnut.. mmmmm! 

Outfit Details:

Coat - H&M (from 2012) Similar style here

Hat - The Oxford Trunk

Boots - mtng (bought from anthropologie in the spring - but I can no longer find them online)

Cardigan - Free People

Turtle Neck - Thrifted


Portland - Pt. 1


This past weekend we went to Portland for my best friend from Middle schools wedding. We had never spent much time in Portland, just quick days passing through on tour. But we really fell in love with it this weekend. So many cool restaurants, shops, and a great assortment of doughnuts, which is enough for any city to win me over. Since it's only about a 5 hour drive from home I think we will come back to visit more often, maybe take the train down next time. 

We stayed at the oh-so-cool Ace Hotel Downtown. There is so much thought put in to every trendy little detail. The lobby is open to the public to enjoy with a huge rustic coffee table convered in amazing succlent arrangements, comfy green couches, bikes to rent, an old school photobooth and Stumptown Coffee connected next door. Our room was wallpapered with pages form an old novel, a sliding barn door instead of curtains, and even the fire escape plan on the back of our door was stitched onto canvas. If your looking for somewhere to stay, or just spending the day downtown, you must pay it a visit. 

We had a fun time all snuggling in together with Poppy sleeping in between us as night. At home she sleeps in her own room so it was fun to get to cuddle her all night, I definitely couldn't sleep as deeply because of constantly worrying one of us was smothing her with pillows. But for the weekend it was a treat! David said that hearing her drink milk in the night is the cutest thing she's ever done. 

I'll share more about all the places we went around town in pt. 2.