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Welcome! My name is Bethany Menzel, I live with two wonderful and handsome boys; One is my husband David, the other is my puppy Sid. I am a Hair Stylist, Blogger, Jewelery Maker, and Vintage Hunter. I like messy hair, fish tacos, black nail polish, long drives, snowy mountains, and donuts... Lots of donuts!

I originaly started blogging over at Treasures & Travels a blog I created with two great friends that I own a business with; Kalos. I still blog on T&T daily but once I started blogging I realized how much I love it and decided to create one of my own! 



honestly, my most frequently asked question is... What kind of make up do you use? 

my favourite products are MAC "Painterly", L'oreal lineur liquid liner, and MAC "So Chaud" lipstick. Here is a post on everything in my make up box.

where do you live?

White Rock, BC. It's a town right on the coast about 45 minutes from Vancouver. It's beautiful, full of forests, beaches, and old people. Me & David, My sister & hubby, and mom & dad all live on the same block with trails going between our backyards. 

how old are you?


what camera do you use?

Canon 5d mark II.

what thrift stores do you shop at?

my favourite thrift stores are the random small ones run by churches, or sweet old people. They always have the good vintage rather than every 13 years old grade 7 grad sweatshirt. 

how do I go about starting my own blog? 

I gave a few tips over here at Treasures & Travels.

I really love hearing from readers, so if you have a question, ask