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Poppy Darling - Nine Months

Poppy Darling is 9 months old, getting to be such a big babe with a little personality and opinions of her own. She has really start to enter teething this past week. Poppy has always been a freakishly content and happy baby, but she has been a little agitated and refusing food especially I try to feed her with a spoon. She would much rather pick up her food and feed herself. 

I was looking back into my journal tonight from before Poppy was born and came across this entry: 


Today I got sad thinking about the fact that these are the last few days Poppy will spend inside that beautiful, sacred, peaceful place. Away from everything. Just her and God literally molding her. I wish she didn't have to be introduced to a world with so much sin, and sadness. My heart already breaks for the days she comes home from school crying, or gets broken up with, or experiences death of someone she loves. I wish that she could stay so safe and connected to God. I want to show her God's love for her, His beauty, and purity everyday. 


I pray all the time when I am putting her to sleep at night that she will have dreams of being in the womb and always remember what it was like to be safe from worldly things, close to God. It might seem sort of strange, but who knows, maybe when she's older she'll tell me about this dream she has where she's in a dark peaceful place just her and God together.  



These are a few of my fall staples. My "kate" hat from The Oxford Trunk, Urban Outfitters BDG Skinnies, Cult of One Collar Statement Necklace, Thrifted Guess Shoes, Jackson Rowe Poncho which I wear as a chunky scarf on the regular, and these insanely comfortable undies & bralet from DearKate. Seriously these are the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn (no one is asking me to say that) I would gladly through out every pair of underwear I have and replace them with DearKate. Today I am giving away a pair of DearKate underwear on Instagram... so head over and enter! 


Bath Time with Poppy

Poppy Darling is 8.5 months, and I love seeing her little personality start to show. She waves at everything with the action just like those porcelain chinese cats at asian restaurants. She talks with a raspy growl, and swims across the floor rather than crawl. 

Bath time is one of my favourite times of the day with her, she loves to sit in there and splash around, she could stay content in there for a good hour. And afterwards there is nothing better than snuggling a wet, nakey baby in a towel.  

P.S look at the difference since January ---> Poppy's First Bath 


Poppy Darling - Eight Months

Our little Poppy Darling is 8 months old today!! Last week she cut her first tooth, learned to pull on up on things, and is getting good at the whole crawling thing. Her favourite food is Sweet Potato + Roasted Pear + Kale Puree, She loves to drink water out of a Gatorade Bottle, and her favourite song is Better Together by Jack Johnson. 

Poppy has such a sweet little spirit, she may be the most conented baby around. She is happy to play on her own and babbles the most when there aren't alot of people around. I know already that she is going to be such a lovely and gentle little girl. 


No (Sham) Poo Update

So! It's been 2 months since I quit shampooing my hair. Verdict... I love it! I can't say that I don't get greasy hair but I'm learning how to hide it.

I usually shower and "wash" my hair every 4-5 days - I scrub my roots just with water, and then I do a Keratin Treatment followed by conditioner. I know people that don't shampoo typically don't use conditioner either, but my hair is very dry and fragile from lightening my ends so I really need the extra moisture, help to repair those strands, and to get those tangles out without ripping half my head of hair out. 

After the shower I spray Keratin Oil on my ends and let it air dry. Once its dry it is acutally kind of scary because the roots still look wet.... I apply dry shampoo to my roots - lifting up the hair on either side of my part and spraying it underneath then rubbing and brushing it in until it is completely absorbed. I only have to do dry shampoo the first day after washing and then I'm usually good for the rest of the 4-5 days. 

I have definitely noticed that my hair is growing way faster these past two months, and that is the main reason I am doing this. Because I want my hair to be healthy enough to growwwww long! So I am definitely going to keep up with the no shampoo.