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Happy Birthday David

@brodieandamanda and her little lua oak ^

I was just going through photos on my computer and found all the pics that my friend Elissa snapped on my camera from David's birthday party in July. He turned 24 on July 1st so we had a Birthday/Canada Day celebration (he hates a party revolving around him so I had to throw the Canada Day thing in there).. Our closest friends came over and we just hung out in the backyard, ate dinner, roasted smores, played badminton, laughed at babies. 

@hannahbbepperson helping me not hold sparklers and a baby at the same time ^

My sister, her husband, and baby Elisabeth (aka Poppy's bff for life) ^

Sid has the time of his life when so many people are around. Thank goodness @josephschweers gives him the attention he needs. ^

Uncle @lukemcadam always cuddling Poppy Darling ^

Looking through all the photos makes me think about how blessed Poppy is to have so many loving "aunts and uncles" around her. I don't think I could even count how many people we call "auntie" there is so much love surrounding her and I'm so thrilled that she gets to grow up around all these lovelies. 

I love my birthday boy so much and it makes me happy to get to celebrate who is his no matter how hard he begs me to not throw him parties.  


Kissing Shampoo Goodbye

(please excuse the nose shot, and iPhone pics) 

Okay, I am finally saying goodbye to shampoo. Or as the insiders say it, I am a No-Poo-er. I tried to do this in the winter, but I was 7 months pregnant, 30 lbs heavier than normal, pale and having greasy hair was the last thing I needed for my self esteem. So now that it's summer this is the time to transition into having wonderful healthy hair. I've always loved the idea of not washing it (I know to some this may sound distgusting...) but it leaves the natural oils in your hair helping it grow, and letting it look so healthy, voluminous, and textured. 

I have been a long time lover of dry shampoo, which is great to make your hair last longer from wash to wash. My favourites are Kevin Murphy's Fresh Hair, or from the drug store, Suave.  

On my first No-Shampoo wash I just completely skipped shampoo, and just scrubbed my roots with water and then conditioned my ends. Added Dry Shampoo once it was dry. Went over great. 

My plan is to do the Baking Soda trick, 6 parts water to 1 part baking soda, this replaces you shampoo.

I'm excited to see the difference, and hopefully the growth soon! I will keep you updated on how this goes.

Here are my favourite posts from other No-Poo-ers.





Good Morning

Mornings with Poppy are my favourite. She sleeps in bed with me for the last few hours so I get to wake up to her little voice chatting away beside me. I undo her swaddle and all her soft little limbs burst out and she is all smiles! I cannot think of any better way to start the day! 


happiest of weekends to you

Today started with sleeping through our alarm, waking up to rain, the starbucks drive through, and sweats. Sounds like a Friday to me. Now I'm going to go whip together some of Oh Joy!'s delcious sounding mango chia seed pudding for tomorrow morning. 


Etsy Love

Before Poppy was born I recieved some handmade goodies for her from a few Etsy shops. I really am in love with all of these products, they are well made and adorable. I wanted to find some cute handmade items to replace the classic plastic baby looking necessities.

Baby Turban - Mama Owl Shop -------- David wouldn't let her leave the house without this for the first few months, He wanted to be sure people knew she was a girl ;) Check her out on Facebook & Instagram

Moccasins - Minimoc ----------- These ones actually aren't from etsy, but they sent them over the first week Poppy was born and she has worn them pretty much everyday since. They are my absolute favourite shoes, they never fall off! Check them out on Facebook & Instagram.

Neon Heart Blanket - Yarning Made --------- This is such a cute and cozy hand knit blanket. It was perfect for bundling her up in her carseat since she was a winter baby. Every where we went people would ask who made it for her and usually start to tell a story about a baby blanket they had at one point. I love how a baby brings up conversations with strangers everywhere you go. Check out Yarning Made's Blog, also on Facebook & Instagram.

Wooden Teething Rattle - NiHaMa --------- Lately this is Poppy's favourite toy. It's easy for her to grab and soothes her gums. I love its girly neutral colours, and the lack of plastic! Check her out on Facebook & Instagram.

Anchor Soother Clip - Downhomeamy --------- I have an obsession with anchors so when I saw this soother clip in her Etsy shop I fell in love! Once again, I love the wood rather than plastic, and it's great to not be constantly picking up her soother off the floor. Check out Downhomeamy's shop, also on Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram.

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