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Poppy Darling - Two Months

Poppy Darling - 2 Months from Bethany Menzel on Vimeo.

At the one month mark I couldnt believe Poppy had been in our lives already for 1 whole month. Now at two months it feels like she has been here forever. 

It's crazy how much has been changing in these past few weeks. As soon as Poppy hit 6 weeks everyday was different! She starting sleeping 5 hours, then 6 hours the next, then 7, then 8. She usually sleeps from 11 to 6, eats, then sleeps until 9. Its been pretty wonderful lately (knock on wood). Every day she smiles more and more, which is the greatest thing! I love that when I bend down to see her she smiles and squirms her arms and legs with excitement. I feel like I'm getting to know her so much more now, her personality, her wants and needs. It's so nice to get to the stage when you know why your baby is whining and how to fix it, where as in the first few weeks I was always trying to guess what she wanted. Although I'm not too sure that she knew either. 

Poppy is such a delight, and brings me soo much joy. I love that I get to spend everyday with her, watching her learn and grow so quickly. I wouldn't want to miss any of that. 



Poppy Darling - Five Weeks

Today Poppy is 5 weeks, we woke to such a beautiful morning! Poppy woke me up around 6:45 and I was anxious to feed her and get back to sleep. But then Sid started begging to go to the bathroom so I strapped Poppy on to me and we walked Sid around the yard. It was soooo pretty watching the sun rise on the snowy trees. We ended up walking around the yard much longer than we needed to, until my boots were completely filled with snow. When we layed back in bed the sun started pouring into the windows and I couldn't help but take some photos and video. It ended up being such a lovely morning! 

Poppy Darling // 5 Weeks from Bethany Menzel on Vimeo.


Snow days

This weekend we got an insane amount of snow! Just when it had started to get a little warmer and sunny, we woke up the next morning to a completely white yard and it didn't stop for 3 days. I can't even remember the last time we got so much snow here, it's over a foot deep in our yard. Our backyard is full of big trees and they look so beautiful and magical all covered in white. But the snow has been so heavy that every couple hour we hear another tree snap, it's looking like a bit of a graveyard back there right now.. David had to drag a tree across out driveway just to get the car out this morning. 


Little Pop 1 month old

Every one told me this, but I can't believe already how quickly this month has gone! Poppy is already outgrowing her newborn sleepers, she has become so alert and is starting the interact with us which is so fun! This has been a busy month and she has already done a lot of firsts. Pops has gone to her first concert, church service, video shoot, engagement party, birthday party, the beach, a walk to the coffee shop every morning with papa & grandpa... I love doing life with her, it just makes everything more fun!


January Twenty First - Birth Story

Photos from my wonderful friend Kirsten - kirstenberlie.com

It all started saturday night (Jan 18th)... David and I had been doing everything we could to try to bring on labour for the past few days, so after having a super spicy dinner we decided to go out to DQ for blizzards and on our way I started to think I might be having a contraction, as we sat in DQ chowing down they continued coming every 20 minutes. So we went home watched a movie and they started getting closer together. At midnight we called the hospital and asked when we should come in. They told us to come when contractions were 3-4 minutes apart and lasting for a minute. So by 10am on Sunday we had our bags packed and made our way up to the maternity ward only to be told that I was 1cm dilated and got sent home. We were dissapointed and slightly embarassed walking back downstairs carrying three large bags packed with blankets, pillows, and even a lamp haha. 

The contractions continued to get stronger and closer together all of sunday, until they were 2 minutes apart so we went back that night very ready to have baby at this point, and I was still sitting at 1cm. Long story short... this continued until Monday night, I held out as long as I could and once the contractions were too much we went back to the hospital. They told us I still wasn't far enough along and that we could go back home if we wanted. By this point I was breaking down pretty hard and I looked at the nurse with very desperate eyes and told her that I realllllly wanted to stay! They sorted stuff out and set us up in our room, hallelujah! (Not gonna lie, I had no idea how painful labour was going to be. I was never scared to have a baby, but to be honest I'm slighlty terrified for the next one!)

They gave me laughing gas and morphine and I was able to sleep for a few hours (I planned to have a drug free labour.... but stuff happens!). The contractions continued to get more intense and I was still not far enought along so they suggested an epidural. When I was making a birth plan, I said there was no way I wanted an epidural, it freaked me out and I wanted my body to be able to do what I was wanting to do all by itself. But at this point in labour it sounded like the most wonderful thing! I even told the nurse at one point that the anesthesiologist better hurry up because my morphine isn't doing shit! (I wasn't quite myself haha). The memory of the epidural settting in was pure bliss in my mind, I asked David to open the blinds in our room and we watched the sunrise over the ocean completely pain free. 

A few hours later after my body being able to finally relax I was ready to push. I pushed for 4 hours with so much help from David and our Doula Sarah. I seriously couldn't have done it without them. They were so hands on, holding me and helping me the entire time. Sarah helped to turn Poppy allowing her to come out naturally. I got to pull Poppy out right on to my chest and she stayed there on me for about 45 minutes. It was one of the most insane moments! I was sooo happy to finally hold my girl! Poppy Darling was born at 3pm Tuesday January 21st, healthy, 7lbs 4oz. 

PS. I really wanted to do something with my placenta, but knew I would not be able to eat it! So, I decided to get it encapsulated. I definitely recommend this to all you preggos! Here is the site of the girl I used you can read all about its benefits. She came and picked it up from the hospital right away, and dropped the pills at our house next morning we were home. I've felt great since being home, had a great amount of energy, been healing well, and I definitely think the placenta played a big part in that. 
She also dried the umbilical cord into the shape of a heart. To be honest with you, when I saw that on the site I thought it was kind of weird and cheesy. But when I unwrapped it, I burst into tears. It is so special to me to and I'm so glad I have that keepsake. 


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