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A look at Twenty Thirteen 

2013 was a really great year! A lot happened in that time, and when I look back I realize how quickly it went by. We went to a lot of amazing different cities, got pregnant, became vegan, turned blogging from a hobby to job, started my "photo a day" goal, failed my "photo a day" goal, and grew in a lot of different ways... Here is a look at the past twelve months just though some instagram photos. 
January - Started the year in the most perfect way with a trip to Hawaii.

February - Painted hearts on my nails... Jk about that one. No major milestones here. 

March - Renovated my kitchen (post here)

April - Toured the states with David's band... got pregnant. 

May - Fell in love with longboarding. Very short lived once I found out I was pregnant. 

June - Went to Alt Summit Conference in NYC with my T&T sistas 

July - Announced I was pregnant, tummy started its very slow growth. 

August - Snipped my hair

September - Found out our babe is a girl

October - My sister had her first baby girl

November - Started a whole new series of posts and videos on T&T.

December - Got into full on Christmas spirit this year and anxiously awaiting this little girl to be born! 



Baby... It's cold outside

This morning we woke up to a winter wonderland! In Vancouver we usually get a couple of days of light snow but today we got sooo much! The whole world sort of stops and turns into a quiet, white, magical place. David left for work this morning at 7, and then once he saw the chaos on the highway he turned around, came home and we ran around in the snow with Sid (our pup), made snow ice cream, watched the grinch, and took some wintery belly pics before it all melts away!

Enjoy this cozy weekend... 5 days until christmas! woo! 


The Final Stretch

Today is one month until our baby girls due date, January 17th! Next week I will be full term and we will be installing the car seat, packing up a bag, and getting all the final details finished. It all feels very real now, and we're so ready for her to be here!! I cannot wait to meet this little girl and finally get to start life with her, I also cannot wait to have my body all to myself, woo! 
The past month I have been going for regular ultrasounds, resting a ton, and eating as much as possible because she was measuring a bit small and the doctors told me to try to let her grow as much as I could. I got the most recent ultrasound results this morning and she has made an improvement in growth, and is measuring better. Yay! Counting down the days till we hold that tiny girl. 

"MAMA" ring from http://buenobueno.bigcartel.com/


29 Weeks


29 Weeks... It's crazy. As I was typing that I got this "holy crap" feeling... we're so close! I still feel like I have so much to do (I know that I don't really..) but lots I wannttt to do. I haven't even started on the nursery, given my birth plan very much thought, or taken a prenatal class... But all that aside, I'm so excited! In the spring we said that once it's Christmas time the baby is practically here (Due Jan 17), and yesterday the red cups arrived at starbucks... you know what that means! 

On Friday I went for an ultrasound, my belly is measuring a little small so they're just checking up on everything. I got to see the position that she is in which is awesome, because now I know what it is thats moving in each spot. I couldn't figure out what the round thing was on the left side that I was feeling, but I now we know that it's her little booty she's been wiggling. 

Now that I'm entering this final stages, mamas hit me up with your favourite books, etc. 




I'm sharing a little Riffraff love today! Since I recieved my South Westing Cardigan from shopriffraff.com I have been livinngg in it. It's so comy and cozy, I love the way it hangs long in the back, and is super easy to layer with long tops and my leather jacket. Along with the Free Me Necklace, how awesome is it.. I was never much of a jewelery person but in the last while I have been building my collection of statement necklaces because it's such an easy way to make a plain outfit look better, so I waas super excited to add this to my collection! 

Head over to shopriffraff.com and check more of their awesome aztec sweaters, and cute jewelery. *Use the code BETHANYMENZEL for %10 your order. 

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