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Happy International Donut Day! 

Have always wanted to be that mom/grandma that bakes the best donuts! And I have also always wanted to own a bakery... so with both those dreams I figured that I should probably start working on my vegan donut making skills. These are last weeks winners... Strawberry Rhubarb (fresh from our garden!), and Ginger glazed. Not going to lie, these were insanely delicious. 


Vegan Sunflower Snacks

I got a started to experiment a little last week when I had an afternoon chocolate craving and I ended up making something yummy and healthy. David loves chocolate so I brought him one after I'd made them and he gave me a grossed out look and said it look like a piece of... you know what. (So kind). Later as he was gazing longingly into the fridge he finally decided to have one, and he loved it! ha! They are super easy and quick to make. no baking.

I have gotten in trouble before for calling a recipe vegan that contains honey. I understand that a lot of vegans don't eat honey, but I do.. So you can substitute it out for a fully vegan recipe. 

Recipe makes 8-10 Bite Sized Balls. 

1 Cup Toasted Sunflower Seeds

1 Tbs Cocoa

1 Tbs Honey (Can sub Agave, or Maple Syrup)

A splash of Vanilla Extract

3/4 Cup Oats

Start by blending the Sunflower Seeds in the food processor. You want to blend them until they become the consistency of peanut butter. You may be skeptical because they just get all crumbly at first, but the more you process the more the oils come out. So have a little faith and keep on blending.

Once you have a smooth consistency add the honey, cocoa, and vanilla. Continue to blend until mixed.

In a seperate bowl beat together the sunflower mixture with the oats.

Use your hands to roll the mixture into bite sized balls, and refridgerate. They are best cold.


My sweet kitchen buddy <3


Hey May

So Happy May First! The weather over here has been insane for this time of year, so warm and sunny and it is putting me in the best of moods.
Yesterday Poppy started rolling over, yay Pop! It's so fun to see her learning and taking little steps. I can't wait until she is sitting, crawling and eating next! David is on tour in Germany right now, so I have been sending lots of videos of the little one doing her "new tricks". 


The newborn phase

Well we did it, This little Pickle is 3 months old and we're out of the "Forth Trimester". I learnt a lot in these past 3 months, more than i've ever learnt in 3 months time before. It was a crazy, tiring, amazing, life changing time. I didn't reallllyy know what to expect with a baby, but that didn't scare me. I knew that when I had my own I would just feel right and what I didn't know I would quickly learn. Here are a few of the things I found helpful... 

-You do not need as much as you think you do. It's really fun and exciting to get everything set up when your waiting for that little one to arrive, and I love having all the stuff we will eventually need. But in these first three months the essentials were


  • blankets
  • diapers (obviously)
  • sleepers
  • washcloths
  • bassinet
  • soother
  • swing
  • noise machine
  • Wrap


-Feed as much as you can during the day, If she showed interest I fed her. This ended being about every 2 hours (from the start of a feed). If she didn't wake up for it (in the first few weeks when they just sleep constantly) I would wake her up to feed, even if I had to put cold hands on her repeatedly for 40 minutes trying to keep her alert enough to eat. In the last three hours before bed I feed her every hour, This helps keep Poppy full until morning.

-The book Happiest Baby on the Block lists 5 S's: Swaddle, Swaying, Side, Sucking, Shushing. These truly help to sooth a baby. I still do this everytime I put her down for a nap. Swaddle her tight, put in her soother, hold her on her side, sway, and turn on the noise machine. It helps her go down quick and easy. 

-Establishing a schedule makes life happy. Eat, Wake, Sleep is the Baby Wise way, and It works for us so well. We do that in a 2 hour cycle from morning to night. She Eats, stays awake for an hour, then sleeps for an hour, repeat. As soon as she was old enough to stay awake long enough I started doing this and that is when she started sleep though the night. 

-Don't be afraid to ask for help. You've probably just gone through the most physically and emotionally exhausting time in your life and now you going to come home and work harder than you ever have trying to figure out this new human while you can barely seperate you legs far enough to take a full step. When someone offers to come and hold them while you sleep, or bring you a meal, take it! If they don't offer the ask. 

-For those nights when I was walking around the house in the middle of the night crying just as hard as my newborn, Gripe Water (all natural, alcohol free) usually worked. 


A few favourite products so far: 

-Woombie - I found swaddling to be a bit of a pain in the butt. I couldn't get the swaddles to stay tight enough without using two blankets, and then she was always getting to warm. So when a friend gave me this, It changed my life! With a newborn when your changing diapers a lot in the night you can just unzip the bottom half without having to unswaddle and wake them up everytime. 

-Sleep Sheep - Or any white noise machine really. 

-NoseFrida - for that tiny little stuffy nose.

-Solly Wrap - For the first 6 weeks Poppy spent the majority of her time on my chest. This brand is super light weight and breathable, Poppy would overheat really easily in a heavier one I had at first. Solly also has super cute colours. 

-Nature Charm Sleepers - The cutest and softest simple organic sleepers. 

 -Nipple Balm - They're gonna hurt. It gets better.

-The Baby Book - So much knowwwleddgeee.

-Ready, Set, Baby! App - super helpful, especially when your jut twiddling your thumbs waiting for that baby to come out. 




Poppy Darling - Two Months

Poppy Darling - 2 Months from Bethany Menzel on Vimeo.

At the one month mark I couldnt believe Poppy had been in our lives already for 1 whole month. Now at two months it feels like she has been here forever. 

It's crazy how much has been changing in these past few weeks. As soon as Poppy hit 6 weeks everyday was different! She starting sleeping 5 hours, then 6 hours the next, then 7, then 8. She usually sleeps from 11 to 6, eats, then sleeps until 9. Its been pretty wonderful lately (knock on wood). Every day she smiles more and more, which is the greatest thing! I love that when I bend down to see her she smiles and squirms her arms and legs with excitement. I feel like I'm getting to know her so much more now, her personality, her wants and needs. It's so nice to get to the stage when you know why your baby is whining and how to fix it, where as in the first few weeks I was always trying to guess what she wanted. Although I'm not too sure that she knew either. 

Poppy is such a delight, and brings me soo much joy. I love that I get to spend everyday with her, watching her learn and grow so quickly. I wouldn't want to miss any of that. 


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