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Berry Picking

Our yard is FULL of fruit right now! Blackberries, plums, raspberries, blueberries, pears, cherries, and the apples are starting to come in also. A lot of the year this over grown yard drives me crazy, when its all grey outside and I just want it to feel a little more "controlled" But at this time of year I LOVE it! It's like the secret garden, I just wander aimlessly waiting to see what I find. We were gone so much in june and july that most of the pears and cherries have dried up or the raccoons ate them before I had a chance to pick them, so While the blackberries are coming in I'm picking as many as possible before the animals beat me to it. 

P.S. The last few months have been a bit of a blur, and things are finally settling down again. I'm so so so happy to have time to take photos, and blog. I've missed it a lot! I've missed YOU a lot. 



So I had been sharing my vegan adventure on the blog for a while, and now it's time for a little update. I was a strong and true vegan for about five and half months up until a few weeks after I found out I was preggo. I loved it, I still think that eating vegan is wonderful for your body and I don't agree with how the animals we eat and the animals we get dairy from are treated!

But a couple weeks after finding out I was pregnant I started feeling extremely nausaus and was eating a diet of pretty much soda crackers, pretzels, and vegetable Mr. Noodles. I had food adversions left, right, and center. Basically everything I had eaten before being pregnant looked like something I wont say, and a few of my favourite meals still make me feel sick just thinking about them. But the thought of a chicken burger, hot wings, cheddar, and cereal with real milk we're all so appealing. After a while of fighting it, we decided it was probably best for me to just eat what my body seemed to be wanting. Since I was really getting no nutrients or protein at all from the crackers I had been stuffing down my throat I was nervous about not giving the baby what it needs to grow. 

I have been eating meat and dairy again for the last month and a bit, and to be honest after I got over my first few meaty meals I have actually been enjoying it. Eating some of my favourite foods that I thought I was done with for life. In the past 2 weeks my taste buds are going back to normal again, I can eat avacado without gagging, and quinoa doesn't make me want to scream. So I am going to start eating less meaty meals and slowly move back towards my healthier vegan lifestyle.

Baby Update: Baby is now 15 weeks, The size of an apple. It gets the hiccups. I have my first ultrasound tomorrow, woohoo!


Summer Feet

This past week has been very summery. On tuesday David and I headed up to Kelowna (a lake town 4 hours from White Rock) for a bit of a "band retreat". We met up with the other band members and their lovelies girlfriends and stayed at the boutique hotel in the woods on an alpaca farm for a video the band was creating. It was a night where 50 people could sign up to get bussed out to this hotel and they get to be apart of playing a We Are The City song for a video, you can see a little instagram video I made here, it was a really cool experience!

While the guys were rehearsing and planning over the couple days us girls got some good r&r. One stormy afternoon we headed down to the lake for a swim, it was the best! I loovvveee the lake, and get so excited for my first swim each summer. Because of the weather we were only people at the beach, it was so perfect. There is something so 'majestic' about being a large body of water, and hearing thunder. It's one of those moments that puts you in awe of how great God is.

The last day of our little trip we went and floated down the channel with friends, in dollar store inner tubes that we're way too small for out butts. Definitely should have splurged on the $8 tube. Then once David and I packed up and headed down the highway home we made a stop at a fruit stand for a box of peaches and blueberries (It's not summer to me if I don't buy roadside peaches), and then pulled over for one last jump in the lake. We drove home to vancouver with wet bathingsuits eating our snacks, and it was the perfect summer feeling to me. 


two years

We got married two years ago today! (david is showing off his socks thats he wore on our wedding day) That feels old to me, haha, it went fast... But when I think about what has happened in these past two years, there has been so many great times and memories. We visited 16 different states, and 6 provinces, got our puppy Sid, did a lot of work on our house, started the blog, went vegan, dyed my hair... A lot, got matching tattoos, and then got pregnant! I'm so so so excited for the next year to grow our little family and experience so many new things.
Last night we were talking about what life will be like in 2 more years and we know it will be a world of difference from what it is now!

Baby Update: Baby is now the size of a lemon, it can pee and suck its thumb. My stomach progress as you can see is quite minimal, but its getting there. Only 6 more weeks until we can find out the gender!


baby menzie

I'm Pregnant! I'm three months along and so happy, to finally be able to start blogging about it. Most of the reason I haven't been posting lately, is because this is pretty much the biggest part of my life, but I've had to keep it a secret! I was also very tired and nausaus for the first while so I wasn't exactly feeling inspired, but I'm back to normal now and just waiting for this bump to grow! 

Yesterday we had our first appointment and we got to go hear the baby's heartbeat! It was amazing, so cool to hear and feel like there really is someone in there! 

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