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Week 19 

(please dont judge my feathered lamp... it's from my childhood bedroom)

Well I've reached week 19, the belly is growing a bit... But it's definitely not an obvious baby belly yet. Crazy that its almost half over! We get to find out the gender in the next few weeks and I'm sooooo excited!! 

The first 18 weeks have gone a little like... 

This week I have started to get back to feeling like myself. June & July were such crazy months, and not just because we were busy, I am realizing now that I was super hormonal. It's funny how (at least with me) When I'm being taken over my hormones I never seem to clue into the fact that thats what is happening... I just genuinely think that everyone around me is completely unreasonable! Last week one night I was trying so hard to be in a good mood and I felt like I was on drugs, I had no control! I wanted to enjoy my time but my female mind would not let me. This when I realized that all the crap thats been going on in my head the last couple months was because I am pregnant and there are tons of crazy hormones happening. Yay Girls! 

I have needed a lot of sleep, I can't believe how tired I have been! By about 9:30 every night I'm fighting my eyelids. I could probably fall asleep anywhere at anytime throughout the day.

My boobs have multiplied by 10! To be honest I'm a fan of small boobs, so I'm not really enjoying bursting out of all my tops. But soon I'll have a jumbo belly to balance it all out.

My Jeans no longer button up, at least not for long, they always end up un buttoned where ever we go. 

I haven't really had any cravings I don't think... I had every possible food aversion, mostly hummus, sweet potato, quinoa, green peppers... Oh man I'm making myself sick thinking about this phase, I have to stop.. But basically I'm so happy to finally be able to eat everything again! 

....And a little hello from these guys.



chop chop

Last night I finally did it, I cut off those nasty, dry, brittle, bleached ends! This cut may seem really dramatic, but I wore extensions most of the time so I actually cut off about 2-3 inches. I definitely didn't want to cut my hair... Especially while pregnant *cough* mom cut *cough*. But I really want to have long healthy hair thats all my own! My hair had been about the same length for a year, it was breaking faster than it was growing from all the ombre-ing I had done to it. So I finally decided I would cut it off and start fresh, no more bleach in there, just let it get nice and long the healthy way.

I didn't think I would like it short, I expected some tears. But I surprisingly like it, and so does David. I don't think I have ever had hair this healthy on the ends, feels so good! 

I would definitely recommend clip in extensions for anyone dying to have long hair, they're easy, and if they are cut and coloured right can look totally natural. But for now I feel freeeee!



Friday was 50% off day at the Salvation Army so I woke up, made and iced coffee, and headed on over to wander through the thrift stores in town, before all the good stuff was picked through. It was a rather successful day...

1. I've been needing a water/juice jug, and I know I could have bought one a while ago at walmart but there is something so homey to me about juice in a jug that looks like something your grandma would have. I also snagged this old thermos for $3. I really love to do morning picnics, and snowy walks so I figued this cute thermos would go to alot of good use!

2. Bath Towels - I love these, they were $2 a piece and I thought they looked very "Anthropologie-esc", I figured if i saw these at anthro for $2 I would die. So had to get them.

3. I had already paid for my things, and then I stopped by the pajamas section and saw this amazing sweater hanging with all the robes. Its soo cozy, and in great condition!

4. I loovvveee old blankets. They make me think of being a friends cabin, or being at a grandparents house. Whenever I see a handmade cozy blanket I can't pass it up.

If you want to see more sweet thrift finds take a peek at my "internet-friend's" blog The Fox Frugual, she features friends thrifty finds.



I'm laying here awake at 4:13 am. Feeling little one wiggle around in my belly, and boy how insanely happy it makes my heart to think of this winter. I'm SO excited for cozy snowy days bundled up with with my very own little babe. I can't wait for all the beautiful adventures ahead that our little family will experience. 

+photo from my most favourite tumblr



Every once and a while David and I have miscommunications... Last night at about 3am I hear him whisper "Bethany....." I moaned back, and he said "I'm not mad at you." I figured that he was half asleep and this had something to do with what he was dreaming about. I kind of laughed and replied "I'm not mad at you either." I started to fall back to sleep and about 2 minutes later he whispers "Do you want to talk about it?" Confused I woke up again and said "Wait... What are you talking about?". He had fallen asleep upset about a comment that I had made earlier that night. When I had noooo idea that I had said anything offensive, and I just thought he was exhausted from his work day and didn't realize he was actually annoyed with me. We have a rule that we never fall asleep angry, so this had been really bothering David throughout the night, while I was completely oblivious. 
When we woke up in the morning we replayed the scenario in our heads and laughed pretty hard about "Sitcom" like series of events.
But every once in a while we just have "off" nights, and we need to kind of redeem them. So today I bought a bottle of wine, a loaf of sourdough, a jar of olive tapenade, and were going to watch Place Beyond the Pines. That may sound silly, but there are few things that David and I enjoy more than a night with gooood snacks, candles, wine (only drinken by him right now obviously), and a rented movie. It's nice to find the little things that mean a lot to you. 

P.S. I know how relationships can seem so perfect from the outside when you only know someone through their blog or instagram, I know that I definitely think that of other couples! But just so you know, incase it may have crossed your mind here is a reminder that everybody is just human, as great as things can seem through pictures.  

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