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Last day of Tour

Well it's the last day of tour in Billings, Montana. It's been such a great few weeks going to such wonderful places. A couple days ago we had sometime off in Chicago and it was so great! I really love that city, even more than New York which surprised me! It's so beautiful, clean, so many cool shops, and goooood tacos! Yesterday we spent the entire day driving to Montana and so far I like it here! Were staying at Dude Rancher Lodge and I'm loving it, Cow hides, brick walls, horseshoes, big breakfasts, antique store down the street, it's got a good feel! 

Tomorrow morning David and I fly to Arizona and the rest of the gang is driving back to Vancouver. Excited for the next few days in the sun!! 

P.S. Missing this boy lots!! 


Tour Day 3

So far I have been on tour with the guys for 3 days. On Day 2 we made our way to New York City, which was great!! When we pulled up to the Venue around 5:00pm Me, Kir (Other girlfriend on tour), and Tegan (Other Wife on tour) quickly started walking in search of shops while the guys loaded their gear in. We hopped on the sunway (which was freaking expensive) and then we wandered around times square quickly before heading back for the show. It's was a great night, awesome show, so much fun with other ladies on tour! 
In the morning David and I woke in Williamsburg and walked down to the bagel store, and I had the bessstttttt bagel I've ever had in my life, Salt & Vinegar Bagel with Tofu & Scallion Cream Cheese. We then got on the subway and headed to Central Park, wandered around there, 5th Ave, and Soho. It was a short but really nice time in NY! With Treasures & Travels we are headed back to NYC for Alt Summit in June and I'm so excited to spend a solid week there! 


Kitchen Before & After

Whenever David is gone I like to do home projects. So this time I did a little surprise one... It took me less than three hours after he left before I had completely ripped the kitchen apart. Our kitchen before was so dark and depressing. It was fun for a while having the chalkboard paint, but I wanted it to feel bright and happy!

Soooo dark! 

After pulling the cabinets off the wall, it already felt SO much brighter!! 

Time to get serious... 

At this point I was about half way done. I had taken down the cabinets & micromave, put up bead boards on the wall where they used to be, put up the shelves, and primed the counters. 

After!! So bright, and welcoming, I'm in love with my new kitchen. It went from the room I didn't want to look at, to the spot when I spend most of my time. It was totally worth the hardwork, and paint in my hair for days. 

So here's what I did...

Started by taking down the cabinets adn microwave. I definitely recommend having someone help you with this. I was very determined, and managed to get them down myself but it could have easily gone bad. 

Once the cabinets were down the gross old wallpaper was revealed. So I went to home depot and bought pre-painted wall panels that look like beadboard. We have this around the rest of our kitchen and I love it! It's also soooo much easier than taking down wallpaper. I cut these with a circular saw and nailed them up. Next I used poly filler in all the cracks, sanded down the bumps and did a coat of paint on top. 

Next the shelves went up. These shelves were actually left in the house by the last people that lived here, I found them in the back of a closet. I bought those brackets at Ikea for $6 each. I really love the exposed shelving look, and I was surprised that I actually didn't loose that much space for storing dishes. Almost everything that was in the cabinets is on the shelves. 

Then the counters! I really wanted to change the counters but wasn't sure If I was going to able to without spending a lot. I went to Home Depot and asked the woman in the paint section for countertop paint, she talked to me like I was 5 and explained how you can't paint a kitchen counter it's not safe! So, I went home and did some research. I ended up painting them with a primer, then painting them with a generic interior paint that I got mixed at walmart. Then did a coat of the Rustoleum Stone Effects Countertop Epoxy. They turned out way better than I thought they would, they look like they were made that color! 

Lastly I painted the cupboards, I just painted them all white to keep it looking bright! 

The whole project took about 3 days and cost me about $200 (Minus the new fridge obviously)! Woo!! I already had the white paint, primer, shelves, and trim so that saved me some $$. 

My original plan was to just get a new small stainless steel microwave that we would keep on the counter, because i was so done with that huge old white one. But after doing some research I decided to not replace the microwave, and so far I'm not missing it! 





So tomorrow morning I leave for Boston.  I'm meeting David on tour with his band for a few weeks and then at the end of the tour we're heading to Arizona for a little sunshine! This afternoon I am taking shifts between laying in the amazing (and unusual) warm sun we're having in White Rock and Packing. Packing for 3 weeks in a carry on is a little difficult but I think I'm getting pretty good at it! 

In the bottom photo is a few of the things I always have on hand for a road trip;

-Water Bottle, you feel 100X better at the end of the day when you keep hydrated

-Book, Lots of waiting around with bands so it's good to keep it handy.


-In the cosmetic bag: Ibuprofen, This gets used a lot! Burts Bees, lotion, tissues, & Vitamins, It's so easy to get run down and sick away from home. 

-Laptop, With long hours in back of the car theres lots of time to get work done! 


I'm gonnd miss that pup <3 

Check out the We Are The City tour scheduele, Come say hi and listen to some awesome bands. 



Backyard Co.

David has been chopping wood, I've been putting together a site, and we now have a little online shop called Backyard Co. 

For Christmas this year we made sets of wood slice coasters as gifts and decided that we would start selling them, along with these wood slice keychains. It has been a fun project for us to work on together, check out the shop here.

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