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Entries in 2013 (2)


A look at Twenty Thirteen 

2013 was a really great year! A lot happened in that time, and when I look back I realize how quickly it went by. We went to a lot of amazing different cities, got pregnant, became vegan, turned blogging from a hobby to job, started my "photo a day" goal, failed my "photo a day" goal, and grew in a lot of different ways... Here is a look at the past twelve months just though some instagram photos. 
January - Started the year in the most perfect way with a trip to Hawaii.

February - Painted hearts on my nails... Jk about that one. No major milestones here. 

March - Renovated my kitchen (post here)

April - Toured the states with David's band... got pregnant. 

May - Fell in love with longboarding. Very short lived once I found out I was pregnant. 

June - Went to Alt Summit Conference in NYC with my T&T sistas 

July - Announced I was pregnant, tummy started its very slow growth. 

August - Snipped my hair

September - Found out our babe is a girl

October - My sister had her first baby girl

November - Started a whole new series of posts and videos on T&T.

December - Got into full on Christmas spirit this year and anxiously awaiting this little girl to be born! 




Happy new year everyone! I'm really excited for this year.... 2012 was great, but I think some awesome things are going to happen in 2013! I've been pretty bad at posting lately, I work on a couple other blogs so sometimes my personal one gets the least attention when things get busy. But I've decided my 365 challenge for my self is to post a photo to the blog everyday. I really love to have some where to put my photos and stories so I'm going to make myself a little more disciplined!