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Were back home. Back to life. Back to Sid. Back to snow. We were in canada for almost twelve hours before we headed back into america.. We went today to bellingham to get some groceries and cheap wine to fill our empty cupboards! 



Today I had to go run some errands in the states, we live just 10 minutes from the border so I love going across the border to get cheaper and more exciting groceries! On the highway I saw this deer just laying in between the lanes, trapped between all the traffic, it was sooo pretty, I wish I could have helped him across..

When I'm in bellingham I usually rush from store to store and get back across before the lineup gets too long... But today I decided to take it easy! I didn't have anything I had to be back for this afternoon so i spent my time wondering around target, putting things in my cart, and then putting them back on the shelves once i convinced myself i didn't need it! I drove past a beautiful cemetery so i stopped to take some photos. I even stopped at my favourite Rocket Doughnuts on the way back, mmmmm (can you see the JUMBO doughnut thats out of focus underneath)!