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Merry Christmas - Love the Menzels

Yay! We actually sent out Christmas cards this year! Every year I want to, and it just never seems to happen. But this year we used Postable, and seriously it was too easy. I just had to upload my photo, pick a design, and they mailed them off to everyone for me. This is the way to do it!

I got birth announcements printed, wrote notes on all of them, and most of them are still sitting on my desk... For me, if I don't just get it done while I'm in the moment of working on it it's never going to happen.  

Since people don't often send letters anymore, it can sometimes feel like a pain to gather everyones mailing address. But once you gather them Postable saves them all in your contact book, so you only have to do it once and you're good to go for the future. I am currently ordering Invitations for Poppy's first birthday party and it's so convinent now, all i have to do is select the names I want them mailed to. 

They ship in 3-5 days, so you still have time to get a card out before Christmas, get on it! 

^ Not sure what the vision here was... but obviously it didn't play out quite right. (Sids Face!!) After this attempt I put Sid back in the car... He was making this more difficult than it needed to be.

^ This girl and her tongue.. always! If only I had made it back in time before the timer ended I think this would have been the winner. 


Do you still send Christmas Cards or is it a dying tradition? 



Baby... It's cold outside

This morning we woke up to a winter wonderland! In Vancouver we usually get a couple of days of light snow but today we got sooo much! The whole world sort of stops and turns into a quiet, white, magical place. David left for work this morning at 7, and then once he saw the chaos on the highway he turned around, came home and we ran around in the snow with Sid (our pup), made snow ice cream, watched the grinch, and took some wintery belly pics before it all melts away!

Enjoy this cozy weekend... 5 days until christmas! woo! 



We got so spoiled from our generous friends and families! I wasn't going to do a presents post cause I felt weird about it, I don't like how thats what "Christmas is". But I love finding out about new things from seeing other bloggers products so I figured I'd share with you to see some of these cool little treasures. 

1. Sea Salt Soap - Great minds think alike I guess, my dad bought this for David, and I bought it for my mom and my sister. Sea salt all around! 

2. Retro Stylus Pen - That is what all these nifty arrows are drawn with. 

3. Numbered Cocktail Glasses - I had my eye on these all winter, I guess my mom knows me well! 

4. Boo's Block Cutting board - I never though i would get excited about a cutting board, but if you have your own kitchen you understand.

5. Fujifilm instax - So excited to gte some film and start using this baby!

6. Pocket Knife - We did secret santa with our friends this year and our friend joe gave this and #9 to David. So perfect for him!

7. Nars Lip Pencil - I love bright colours!

8. 2013 Calendar - My good friend Tegan got me this calendar she's knows my taste oh so well.


a bit of this, a bit of that

1. David has been fighting a cold for the past week, and this morning I woke up with it full on. I'm laying in bed right now trying to keep myself awake a little longer so i can still sleep tonight.

2. We finally got snow!! It is so exciting... It makes it feel so much more christmasy!

3. We've been doing lots of christmas shopping this week. Even though the malls are chaotic I really do love it. 

These photos are from iphone. Instagram @bethanymenzel


festive evening

Last night we took a walk down memory lane. When David and I started dating it was christmas time and he was working at Art Knapps tieing christmas trees on cars. So every year since then we go back to visit Art Knapps at christmas time, smell the christmas trees, drink complimentary apple cider, and look through all the decorations. When I got in the car last night had Avett Brothers playing and a pack of cinnamon gum, that may sound rather random but both those things remind us SO much of our first christmas together which was one of the most magical times of our lives. This year we decided we that every year on our little outing we would get a decoration! The little reindeer was our choice this year! We ended of the night with wine, cheese, and Love Actually.