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Apartment Therapy House Tour

My dear friend Elissa Crowe recently became the Apartment Therapy contributor for the Vancouver area (so proud of her!!). We were honored to be her first contribution to the amazing blog! I have looked to Apartment Therapy for inspiration for many years, so it's pretty cool to finally see our home up there. 

I change our house so often that not one of these rooms is still the same now, as it was when she photographed it haha. But, I love have documention of our home through the many, many stages it goes through. See the full House Tour here. 

Man oh man, are there a lot of negative comments on our tour!! I had been warned this comes with Apartment Therapy readers. The comments that our home is dangerous and not baby proof - at the time when the photos were taken, Poppy was not even mobile yet, she was wrapped on my body or in her swing, of course the house changes as she does, and I would never let my baby be in a dangerous surrounding. Also, a lot of comments that this is staged and probably not what it actually looks like... Not really! I don't feel at all like our home is not "liveable" it's comfortable, cozy, and functional. But I just like things to look good, and be in their place. My favourite of all the comments is about how Poppy Darling (who they somehow assumed was a boy) will be made of in school.... Sometime people need to care a litttle bit less. 


more free stuff!

I picked up ANOTHER amazing free piece off the side od the road yesterday! Two days ago I said, we need a long dresser as a side board in the dining room, and BAM, there it was sitting on the side of the road. HOLLA! I'm feeling pretty sore today after dragging this out of the back of the car into the house, but it was worth it!


with a sign that says its free

yesterday I was out for a walk with sid and saw these amazing chairs from a distance, and quickly kept walking towards them and realized it was a set of 4, and they were wonderful! I walked as fast as I possibly could to my moms house to grab her SUV so i could load them up before anyone else spotted them. brought them home, scrubbed off the dried cheerios, and pulled out the dog hair. I am in love wih them. I even cut my sheepskin in half for them, that was a scary moment making the cut. They make my breakfast nook so much cozier! the other two, are at either end of my dining table. score.

things are extra exciting when they're free! 


Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno

The super sweet sisters over at muchomuchobuenobueno featured David and I yesterday on their Young Love, Mad Style Series. Check it

P.S. If you are as obsessed with my wall decals as I am, check them out here


it's beginning to look a lot like christmas


On sunday I pulled out the christmas decorations... I had been aching to since november 1st but David still felt like it was toooo early, fair enough... The house isn't decked out quite yet (notice our empty tree) but it's getting there!! This year I bought a few decorations at target (the ones in the glass vases), and a christmas candle from bath & body works, it smells SO delicious i can't believe it!! Luckily we live in the woods, so i can just continue to pull out huge boughs and place them around the house to add some christmas cheer!