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No (Sham) Poo Update

So! It's been 2 months since I quit shampooing my hair. Verdict... I love it! I can't say that I don't get greasy hair but I'm learning how to hide it.

I usually shower and "wash" my hair every 4-5 days - I scrub my roots just with water, and then I do a Keratin Treatment followed by conditioner. I know people that don't shampoo typically don't use conditioner either, but my hair is very dry and fragile from lightening my ends so I really need the extra moisture, help to repair those strands, and to get those tangles out without ripping half my head of hair out. 

After the shower I spray Keratin Oil on my ends and let it air dry. Once its dry it is acutally kind of scary because the roots still look wet.... I apply dry shampoo to my roots - lifting up the hair on either side of my part and spraying it underneath then rubbing and brushing it in until it is completely absorbed. I only have to do dry shampoo the first day after washing and then I'm usually good for the rest of the 4-5 days. 

I have definitely noticed that my hair is growing way faster these past two months, and that is the main reason I am doing this. Because I want my hair to be healthy enough to growwwww long! So I am definitely going to keep up with the no shampoo. 



Kissing Shampoo Goodbye

(please excuse the nose shot, and iPhone pics) 

Okay, I am finally saying goodbye to shampoo. Or as the insiders say it, I am a No-Poo-er. I tried to do this in the winter, but I was 7 months pregnant, 30 lbs heavier than normal, pale and having greasy hair was the last thing I needed for my self esteem. So now that it's summer this is the time to transition into having wonderful healthy hair. I've always loved the idea of not washing it (I know to some this may sound distgusting...) but it leaves the natural oils in your hair helping it grow, and letting it look so healthy, voluminous, and textured. 

I have been a long time lover of dry shampoo, which is great to make your hair last longer from wash to wash. My favourites are Kevin Murphy's Fresh Hair, or from the drug store, Suave.  

On my first No-Shampoo wash I just completely skipped shampoo, and just scrubbed my roots with water and then conditioned my ends. Added Dry Shampoo once it was dry. Went over great. 

My plan is to do the Baking Soda trick, 6 parts water to 1 part baking soda, this replaces you shampoo.

I'm excited to see the difference, and hopefully the growth soon! I will keep you updated on how this goes.

Here are my favourite posts from other No-Poo-ers.





chop chop

Last night I finally did it, I cut off those nasty, dry, brittle, bleached ends! This cut may seem really dramatic, but I wore extensions most of the time so I actually cut off about 2-3 inches. I definitely didn't want to cut my hair... Especially while pregnant *cough* mom cut *cough*. But I really want to have long healthy hair thats all my own! My hair had been about the same length for a year, it was breaking faster than it was growing from all the ombre-ing I had done to it. So I finally decided I would cut it off and start fresh, no more bleach in there, just let it get nice and long the healthy way.

I didn't think I would like it short, I expected some tears. But I surprisingly like it, and so does David. I don't think I have ever had hair this healthy on the ends, feels so good! 

I would definitely recommend clip in extensions for anyone dying to have long hair, they're easy, and if they are cut and coloured right can look totally natural. But for now I feel freeeee!


Good Morning

1. David and I have just started drinking coffee! We've moved on from our one cup maxell house pods, to french press.. pretttaayyyy fancccyy.   2. I think Sid has the hardest time waking up out of all of us.    3. David's hair is gone. A spur of the moment head shave the night before (maybe a little bit of peer pressure)... fixin it up the next morning.