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love letters

Last night David and I were at my parents house to watch the new episode of Breaking Bad (we don't have cable, and we were too anxious to wait for it on apple tv). We went upstairs to my old bedroom in their house and we're looking through all the stuff we kept from when we were dating; Birthday cards, letters, photos. I love going back through that stuff and remembering the feelings and giddyness from that time! It made us realize that we don't really write eachother letters anymore, and we used to alwayssss write letters. Mostly because we were apart alot when David was touring. 

David leaves for tour this friday, so I spent the morning in bed writing some letters for him to read while he's away. I got three done this morning, but I'll try to do a few more this week so that they last a while! 

Letters are special, I think that we don't really get to express everything that we feel without writing it. 

Write your boy a letter! 


Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno

The super sweet sisters over at muchomuchobuenobueno featured David and I yesterday on their Young Love, Mad Style Series. Check it

P.S. If you are as obsessed with my wall decals as I am, check them out here