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Poppy Darling - Five Weeks

Today Poppy is 5 weeks, we woke to such a beautiful morning! Poppy woke me up around 6:45 and I was anxious to feed her and get back to sleep. But then Sid started begging to go to the bathroom so I strapped Poppy on to me and we walked Sid around the yard. It was soooo pretty watching the sun rise on the snowy trees. We ended up walking around the yard much longer than we needed to, until my boots were completely filled with snow. When we layed back in bed the sun started pouring into the windows and I couldn't help but take some photos and video. It ended up being such a lovely morning! 

Poppy Darling // 5 Weeks from Bethany Menzel on Vimeo.


Good Morning

1. David and I have just started drinking coffee! We've moved on from our one cup maxell house pods, to french press.. pretttaayyyy fancccyy.   2. I think Sid has the hardest time waking up out of all of us.    3. David's hair is gone. A spur of the moment head shave the night before (maybe a little bit of peer pressure)... fixin it up the next morning.