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We got so spoiled from our generous friends and families! I wasn't going to do a presents post cause I felt weird about it, I don't like how thats what "Christmas is". But I love finding out about new things from seeing other bloggers products so I figured I'd share with you to see some of these cool little treasures. 

1. Sea Salt Soap - Great minds think alike I guess, my dad bought this for David, and I bought it for my mom and my sister. Sea salt all around! 

2. Retro Stylus Pen - That is what all these nifty arrows are drawn with. 

3. Numbered Cocktail Glasses - I had my eye on these all winter, I guess my mom knows me well! 

4. Boo's Block Cutting board - I never though i would get excited about a cutting board, but if you have your own kitchen you understand.

5. Fujifilm instax - So excited to gte some film and start using this baby!

6. Pocket Knife - We did secret santa with our friends this year and our friend joe gave this and #9 to David. So perfect for him!

7. Nars Lip Pencil - I love bright colours!

8. 2013 Calendar - My good friend Tegan got me this calendar she's knows my taste oh so well.