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I'm sharing a little Riffraff love today! Since I recieved my South Westing Cardigan from shopriffraff.com I have been livinngg in it. It's so comy and cozy, I love the way it hangs long in the back, and is super easy to layer with long tops and my leather jacket. Along with the Free Me Necklace, how awesome is it.. I was never much of a jewelery person but in the last while I have been building my collection of statement necklaces because it's such an easy way to make a plain outfit look better, so I waas super excited to add this to my collection! 

Head over to shopriffraff.com and check more of their awesome aztec sweaters, and cute jewelery. *Use the code BETHANYMENZEL for %10 your order. 



I kind of jumped the gun on Fall this week! We had a couple rainy mornings so I made hot chocolate, threw on my coziest sweater, and declared it fall. But I definitely spoke too soon, this outfit bit me in the butt later when after my dr's appt David and I walked down to the beach for dinner and I was dying of heat sitting in the sun at our favourite sushi restaurant. Whenever fall does decide to come I will welcome it with open arms, but for now i think shorts are a better choice.

Sweater: Thrifted Eddie Bauer - This sweater actually has a tiny blood stain on it from one night in Minneapolis when David and one of my my best friends (Tegan) husband's bands were touring together. Tegan and I had spent the night sitting behind the Merch booth and when her husbands band was playing I decided to let loose and start to dance a little crazy. Tegan quickly came running down a bench and jumped off to join me.. butt the ceilings in clubs can be slightly low, she smacked her forehead on a metal beam and it knocked her right to the ground, I turned around there was tegan half fallen over half dancing with a face covered in blood. A rather horrific sight! We ran to the bathroom to clean her up. She had a pretty crazy gash for quite some time, but everything was all right. So, that is the story of this cozy sweater... 

Necklace: H&M - I bought this yesterday because we have a wedding this weekend. I didn't want to spend the money on getting a new dress, so I decided to get a necklace to spruce up an old outfit. 

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Jeans: Urban Outfitters BDG Twig Jeans - These are my favvv, fit great, never stretch out, super skinny. I now have to wear them with an oh so trendy belly band because baby is growing and they are no where close to buttoning up. 

Bracelet: Thrifted - Shown in last weeks post... and probably every post to come, my staples.

Rings: Etsy

Sandals: Thrifted Franco Sarto



I love photos of clothes layed out. Is that a strange thing to like? maybe.. But, since I like it I figured I would start doing some photos of my "threads" every so often. 

This is a summer staple outfit for me; denim shorts (which now get rolled so that baby has some room), black boots, ray bans, delicate jewelry- I wear these things everyday, I love jewelry that you dont have to take off, you can sleep in it, swim in it, wear it fancy or casual... these are those pieces for me, and a baggy sweater. 

Shorts - H&M

Sweater - Forever 21

Boots- Buffalo Exchange -- I got these boots when David and I were on tour with his band. We spent a day walking around Wicker Park in Chicago (one of my fav places!!) We went into tons of Vintage stores, and I was being very good and didn't come close to buying anything. But when I tried on these boots there was no going back. I love me some black western booties!

Necklace/Bracelet- Thrifted

Rings- Etsy



Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno

The super sweet sisters over at muchomuchobuenobueno featured David and I yesterday on their Young Love, Mad Style Series. Check it

P.S. If you are as obsessed with my wall decals as I am, check them out here