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Friday was 50% off day at the Salvation Army so I woke up, made and iced coffee, and headed on over to wander through the thrift stores in town, before all the good stuff was picked through. It was a rather successful day...

1. I've been needing a water/juice jug, and I know I could have bought one a while ago at walmart but there is something so homey to me about juice in a jug that looks like something your grandma would have. I also snagged this old thermos for $3. I really love to do morning picnics, and snowy walks so I figued this cute thermos would go to alot of good use!

2. Bath Towels - I love these, they were $2 a piece and I thought they looked very "Anthropologie-esc", I figured if i saw these at anthro for $2 I would die. So had to get them.

3. I had already paid for my things, and then I stopped by the pajamas section and saw this amazing sweater hanging with all the robes. Its soo cozy, and in great condition!

4. I loovvveee old blankets. They make me think of being a friends cabin, or being at a grandparents house. Whenever I see a handmade cozy blanket I can't pass it up.

If you want to see more sweet thrift finds take a peek at my "internet-friend's" blog The Fox Frugual, she features friends thrifty finds.


morning thrifting

This morning David and I made a stop at Tim Horton's for Iced Coffee, bagels, and donuts, and then we headed down to Johnston St. for some thrifting! It was a successful morning! I came home with a lovely set of vintage dishes, 2 fur collars, 2 cozy sweaters, a typewriting (david is aching to steal the case from it and turn it into a pedal board), a denim shirt, and some sweet shoes for my bro-in-law! I really love thrifting, and living in a town with a ton of old people makes for some sweet thrift shops!