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Summer Feet

This past week has been very summery. On tuesday David and I headed up to Kelowna (a lake town 4 hours from White Rock) for a bit of a "band retreat". We met up with the other band members and their lovelies girlfriends and stayed at the boutique hotel in the woods on an alpaca farm for a video the band was creating. It was a night where 50 people could sign up to get bussed out to this hotel and they get to be apart of playing a We Are The City song for a video, you can see a little instagram video I made here, it was a really cool experience!

While the guys were rehearsing and planning over the couple days us girls got some good r&r. One stormy afternoon we headed down to the lake for a swim, it was the best! I loovvveee the lake, and get so excited for my first swim each summer. Because of the weather we were only people at the beach, it was so perfect. There is something so 'majestic' about being a large body of water, and hearing thunder. It's one of those moments that puts you in awe of how great God is.

The last day of our little trip we went and floated down the channel with friends, in dollar store inner tubes that we're way too small for out butts. Definitely should have splurged on the $8 tube. Then once David and I packed up and headed down the highway home we made a stop at a fruit stand for a box of peaches and blueberries (It's not summer to me if I don't buy roadside peaches), and then pulled over for one last jump in the lake. We drove home to vancouver with wet bathingsuits eating our snacks, and it was the perfect summer feeling to me. 


Tour Day 3

So far I have been on tour with the guys for 3 days. On Day 2 we made our way to New York City, which was great!! When we pulled up to the Venue around 5:00pm Me, Kir (Other girlfriend on tour), and Tegan (Other Wife on tour) quickly started walking in search of shops while the guys loaded their gear in. We hopped on the sunway (which was freaking expensive) and then we wandered around times square quickly before heading back for the show. It's was a great night, awesome show, so much fun with other ladies on tour! 
In the morning David and I woke in Williamsburg and walked down to the bagel store, and I had the bessstttttt bagel I've ever had in my life, Salt & Vinegar Bagel with Tofu & Scallion Cream Cheese. We then got on the subway and headed to Central Park, wandered around there, 5th Ave, and Soho. It was a short but really nice time in NY! With Treasures & Travels we are headed back to NYC for Alt Summit in June and I'm so excited to spend a solid week there! 


goodbye hawaii

Sitting by the pool for the last hour before we head home. It's been just a great trip; laying in the sun, swimming in the ocean, lots of good food, and great relaxing. I'm sad to leave this hot weather, But I really do love going home. I miss our puppy, our house, and I don't mind the snow at all!! 



a wonderful week

Well today was our last full day in hawaii... Here are a few memories of the week.

1. We went on a boat ride, that ended up being crazy! It was so windy, the waves were huge. Everytime we went over a wave the boat would come back down and the front end would go under. But it was lots of fun, had some free mai tai's and made some friends! 

2. We took this photo so we can look at it and remembr how freaking great it is here.

3. The International market place is great, lots of cool jewelery I actually got pretty good at bartering too... 


5. This morning we ran into a couple guys from the band Said The Whale, who we were on the road with for a month last year. It was such a strange and great surprise to see them over here!! 

6. Watching TV. we don't have cable at home, but we hooked on some shows out here! Duck Dynasty, Storage wars, shipping wars, amish mafia. 


Day 3

This weeks verse: 

"every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." 

James 1:17

 Giving thanks and recognizing that all gifts come from God is something I've really been trying to focus on. And realizing that things or circumstances can be "good" or "perfect" that may not seem it. Trusting the one who created us to know what we need, "And we know that in all things God works for the good for those who love him..." (Romans 8:28) 

Last weeks verse here

 For last weeks verse, I screen captured it and set it as my phone wallpaper, which really helped with memorizing...