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Night Swim 

We spent the past 5 days in Arizona. It was hot, relaxing, and our bellies were filled with too much good stuff. We spent the majority of our days the only people braving the heat to lay outside by the pool (You take any heat you can get when you live in Vancouver), Did a bit of maternity shopping, and drinking milkshakes. Oh our last vacation without baby girl, so crazy! 




So tomorrow morning I leave for Boston.  I'm meeting David on tour with his band for a few weeks and then at the end of the tour we're heading to Arizona for a little sunshine! This afternoon I am taking shifts between laying in the amazing (and unusual) warm sun we're having in White Rock and Packing. Packing for 3 weeks in a carry on is a little difficult but I think I'm getting pretty good at it! 

In the bottom photo is a few of the things I always have on hand for a road trip;

-Water Bottle, you feel 100X better at the end of the day when you keep hydrated

-Book, Lots of waiting around with bands so it's good to keep it handy.


-In the cosmetic bag: Ibuprofen, This gets used a lot! Burts Bees, lotion, tissues, & Vitamins, It's so easy to get run down and sick away from home. 

-Laptop, With long hours in back of the car theres lots of time to get work done! 


I'm gonnd miss that pup <3 

Check out the We Are The City tour scheduele, Come say hi and listen to some awesome bands. 



goodbye hawaii

Sitting by the pool for the last hour before we head home. It's been just a great trip; laying in the sun, swimming in the ocean, lots of good food, and great relaxing. I'm sad to leave this hot weather, But I really do love going home. I miss our puppy, our house, and I don't mind the snow at all!! 



a wonderful week

Well today was our last full day in hawaii... Here are a few memories of the week.

1. We went on a boat ride, that ended up being crazy! It was so windy, the waves were huge. Everytime we went over a wave the boat would come back down and the front end would go under. But it was lots of fun, had some free mai tai's and made some friends! 

2. We took this photo so we can look at it and remembr how freaking great it is here.

3. The International market place is great, lots of cool jewelery I actually got pretty good at bartering too... 


5. This morning we ran into a couple guys from the band Said The Whale, who we were on the road with for a month last year. It was such a strange and great surprise to see them over here!! 

6. Watching TV. we don't have cable at home, but we hooked on some shows out here! Duck Dynasty, Storage wars, shipping wars, amish mafia. 


from hawaii with love