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David and I decided last minute to spend a weekend away! I called a bunch of resorts in different areas, and then after finding a good deal we decided to head up to whistler! Our plan this year for our christmas present was to go snowboarding at whistler, so we combined the two. It was so nice to have a free weekend to just get away and relax. We woke up really early on saturday and drove up to whistler, we snowboarded for the day and it was so beautiful!! It was sunny, and the snow was wonderful! It was the first time we had been snowboarding in 2 years so by the end of the day we felt like we had been hit by a train! We got a bottle of wine, and rested our muscles in the hot tub.  Sunday we spent walking around the village, we went to my favourite candy store (which I have not posted any photos from because when david was looking through the photos after he was practically peeing he was laughing so hard at my hair... yes, i know, so loving. I didn't have a second mirror to see the back of my head okay!!!!) anyway. it was a wonderful weekend, one of our favourites! The drive from Whistler home made me never want to live anywhere else, what a beautiful province!!