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Snow days

This weekend we got an insane amount of snow! Just when it had started to get a little warmer and sunny, we woke up the next morning to a completely white yard and it didn't stop for 3 days. I can't even remember the last time we got so much snow here, it's over a foot deep in our yard. Our backyard is full of big trees and they look so beautiful and magical all covered in white. But the snow has been so heavy that every couple hour we hear another tree snap, it's looking like a bit of a graveyard back there right now.. David had to drag a tree across out driveway just to get the car out this morning. 


Baby... It's cold outside

This morning we woke up to a winter wonderland! In Vancouver we usually get a couple of days of light snow but today we got sooo much! The whole world sort of stops and turns into a quiet, white, magical place. David left for work this morning at 7, and then once he saw the chaos on the highway he turned around, came home and we ran around in the snow with Sid (our pup), made snow ice cream, watched the grinch, and took some wintery belly pics before it all melts away!

Enjoy this cozy weekend... 5 days until christmas! woo! 


That time of year

gargling salt water

David has had a cold on and off for the last while. It got me pretty good a few weeks ago but luckily I could spend a week in bed and fight it off. We have got the "cold routine" down now; 

Vitamin C, Cold FX, Honey & Lemon tea, Chicken Soup, Hot showers, lots of movies.... I really love a good spicy Caesar when I'm sick, I'm not too sure if its exactly healthy... but it sure clears my sinus'!

Tell us your "cold routine" tips; how to prevent it, or soothe it, we will definitely give them a try. 


a bit of this, a bit of that

1. David has been fighting a cold for the past week, and this morning I woke up with it full on. I'm laying in bed right now trying to keep myself awake a little longer so i can still sleep tonight.

2. We finally got snow!! It is so exciting... It makes it feel so much more christmasy!

3. We've been doing lots of christmas shopping this week. Even though the malls are chaotic I really do love it. 

These photos are from iphone. Instagram @bethanymenzel



David and I decided last minute to spend a weekend away! I called a bunch of resorts in different areas, and then after finding a good deal we decided to head up to whistler! Our plan this year for our christmas present was to go snowboarding at whistler, so we combined the two. It was so nice to have a free weekend to just get away and relax. We woke up really early on saturday and drove up to whistler, we snowboarded for the day and it was so beautiful!! It was sunny, and the snow was wonderful! It was the first time we had been snowboarding in 2 years so by the end of the day we felt like we had been hit by a train! We got a bottle of wine, and rested our muscles in the hot tub.  Sunday we spent walking around the village, we went to my favourite candy store (which I have not posted any photos from because when david was looking through the photos after he was practically peeing he was laughing so hard at my hair... yes, i know, so loving. I didn't have a second mirror to see the back of my head okay!!!!) anyway. it was a wonderful weekend, one of our favourites! The drive from Whistler home made me never want to live anywhere else, what a beautiful province!!